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Other Art

I obviously have interests, likes, hobbies and all other than MotU and my designer job, as you may have noticed in my 'about' pages. Drawing has always been a passion to me, and over the years I've made a lot of 'comics' and stand-alone art. I've been collecting some of my favorites drawings, scanned them and included them in the website so that people may have an idea of other stuff I do. This splits into the stand-alone pictures and my 3-issue (unfinished) fanzine 'Twilight', which will be fully posted as soon as I find the time to translate it to English. For now, here's issue #1. Hope you enjoy.

Note: As with any other material in this website, all my art is intellectual property and I thank you for not copying or otherwise making use of it in any way without my written permission.


Stand-Alone Art:

Wrathlord's Hell (1993)
Futuristic Chaos Warrior (1993)
Rise Of The Loup-Garou (1993)
Burn In The Pits Of Hell
(1994) - Warning: Mature viewers
Chaotic Lady (1994)
Ashtor (1994)
Despair (1995)
In The Path Of Satan (1995)
Deadly Fangs (1997) - Warning: Mature viewers
Elfquest (1998)
Lying Beauty (2000) - Warning: Mature viewers
Rage's Alien (2000)
He-Bart And The Masters Of Springverse (2001)

Twilight Fanzine:


Front & Back cover
Page 3
Page 4
Page 5
Page 6
Page 7
Page 8
Page 9
Page 10
Page 11
Page 12
Page 13
Page 14