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                In a distant galaxy, unknown to Earth’s inhabitants, lies a source of power and wisdom greater than any other in the universe. Composed of more than ten thousand planets, of which at least more than eight hundred breed life, this galaxy was touched by the hands of supreme creatures, or Gods, and forever changed, uncountable eons ago.

                The Gods breathed life throughout the worlds, and taught their creations a crude, rudimental form of their own language and a small portion of their own magic. Each world had its own peculiar environment, its own marvels and dangers, and each was linked by mystic bridges to the others, as all were linked to the mother planet Eternia.

                Until the moment that by some reason, the Gods decided to leave this plane of existence and travel beyond it, leaving their creation behind. Still, some of their power remains… a power supreme and divine, a power which may become the ultimate salvation or the final devastation…

                The power to be… MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE!


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