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The book I'm writing at the moment will tell an adapted tale of "Masters" as I would like it to be.

I've been an He-Man fan in childhood, and by some reason, it has been the set of characters that stood until today. I've always liked some of the figures, and part of the basic storyline, as it was a basic, yet attractive plot of epic, legendary, fantastic Swords & Sorcery tale. I was never keen on the technology part, though. It simply does not make sense to have barbaric warriors with swords and axes, dressed in animal skins and hanging around in starships. At least, it is my point of view.

Since I'm making a lot of changes in the base storyline, it is probable that lots of He-Fans won't like this version of Eternia. Still, I'm writing this from my own view of the story, and so I know I can't please everyone. On the other hand, it is possible that some people who weren't much attracted by the commercial version will like my tale. We'll see.

Anyway, this does not mean I'm not taking suggestions to the story. If you have some ideas you'd like to share, please E-mail. I will be grateful, and everyone who sends ideas that will somehow be used in the book will be listed in the credits.

I have been (and still am!) searching the web for all info I can find on the original story of He-Man and its derivations. I have found a couple of interesting sites, such as which has provided me with some vital and useful information about the origins of Eternia. I would like to thank its webmasters for providing that info. You may jump to their pages by accessing the links section. This scripts have been used by me as basis for my storyline and obviously adapted to the needs of my concept.

The book will tell the story since the birth of Eternia and it's galaxy, by the hands of powerful gods, to the creation of Etheria, Eternia's shadow counterpart, the invasion of Hordak, the building of Grayskull, the reign of King Hiss, the power swords, the ascension of the Alliance of the kingdoms and the battle of He-Man vs. Skeletor from it's beginning up to the final battle.

Prince Adam will exist, but not as a secret identity of He-Man. "He-Man" is a designation for the champion of Grayskull, for which Adam, the warrior prince was destined. She-Ra has been removed from the story, although Adora, Adam's twin sister remains. I've kept Orko, the comic relief of the tale.

Part of the plot is still being imagined, so, when there is more to add to this briefing, it will be updated.

See you.