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Princess of Eternos, twin sister of He-man

Polite. Political. Social. Communicative. The daughter of Randor and Marlena of Eternos has always been her brother's opposite in her way to face life. In fact, both the royal council and Adam believe she is the right successor for the throne. Only her father thinks differently, since it is a tradition that the male offspring of a king must become the next monarch. She is quite similar to her mother, who in fact is the true ruler of Eternos in many aspects. Determined, informed and wise, she does know how to deal with most situations despite her youngness. She understands perfectly her brother's point of view and has always encouraged him to follow what he believes. They share a special, unique, empathic bond, and are each other's best friend. Any of them would easily give the life for the other.
Adora is quite beautiful and charismatic, which makes her a fascinating person. Most men on Eternos would gladly marry her, however luck has already seem to bless a young noble named Albow, with whom she is engaged.

Although in the original version Adora was the secret identity of She-Ra, the "princess of power" from Etheria, the very concept of She-Ra has been removed in "Grayskull" (and Etheria's also a little different), so don't expect find the typical "By the honor of Grayskull" anywhere throughout the book. Sorry, She-Ra fans...
The action figure below is She-Ra, since there was no Adora figure.

The picture of the action figure is a courtesy of