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Champion of Castle Grayskull

Adam Liecherburg, reluctant prince of Eternos, son of Randor and Marlena, and twin brother of Adora. Never a bureaucratic person, he was always a man of action: Trained by Duncan since his childhood, he loves the way of the sword, and believes to be destined for some great deed. He is, however, a just, peaceful and non-violent man. He discovered his true fate when he was summoned by the sorceress of Grayskull to collect Eldor's heart gem at the Karashev's obelisk. As He-man, the sacred warrior of the gods, he will be a decisive opponent against the threat of Skeletor's army. He-man owns a mighty weapon created by Eldor himself and given him by the Sorceress of Grayskull: the power sword. Skeletor, however, possesses its twin counterpart...
He-man will be followed by his two friends Teela and Duncan throughout his adventures, and is, of course, the main character of our story.

I've made He-man a little slimmer and less muscular (would he be able to move properly with all those muscles?), and changed his armor. And, no magical transformation in "Grayskull". Isn't it quite obvious, in the pictures below, that He-man and prince Adam are one and the same?

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