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Ruthless demon overlord of Etheria

Hordak. If there is better word for terror, then this demon's name is probably it. Hordak lives solely to conquer, enslave and destroy. And deliver pain and fear. Trapped inside his own dimension by the ancient wise ones of Eternia, he struggles unceasingly to be released and conquer their world, and the others surrounding it. He is a bloodthirsty demon who knows neither limits nor weaknesses.

The original Hordak was supposedly not keen on magic but an adept to technology. That concept just wouldn't fit "Grayskull", and besides, for a long time I've been appreciating the idea of making him a demon, shaping him into a really powerful creature. And besides, all his minions were the most terrific MotU ever. Hordak was used in the cartoon show as She-ra's arch-enemy in the world of Etheria.

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