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Jester of the kingdom of Eternos

Every court needs a jester, and Orko smoothly fits the role. He is an alien, goblin-like legless creature from planet Trolla, who has fallen in Eternia through one of his magical mishaps. He was found by a royal hunting party in the Tar swamps and brought to Eternos, where he was welcomed and accepted, Though he causes constant accidents, everyone finds his clumsiness funny and they accept him as he is. Adam likes this little floating fellow a lot, with whom he used to exchange some confidences and find wisdom beyond what he is credited for.

I've changed Orko's symbol on his tunic because the 'O's too obvious; Eternians wouldn't use our set of characters. I've also made some of his facial features visible, because a hat could never hide all of it. The eyes are not so round and "cartoony" as well. Orko will be featured fewer times and given less importance in "Grayskull" than in the cartoon series.

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