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King Randor

Supreme monarch of Eternos and the Royal Accord

The supreme monarch of Eternos is the product of centuries of dominion and oppression by King Hiss. He became the complete anti-war leader, to the point of having no armies in his kingdom. He dislikes his son Adam's fighting aptitudes. Randor simply believes (or wishes to believe) that now that Hiss is gone, no war could ever start again. And if there are no armies, there can be no wars. This goes to the point that he would dismiss his royal guard completely if it wasn't for his royal council. Randor is slow witted and too insecure. In truth, it is queen Marlena who rules most of the kingdom from behind the curtains. He is also an extreme traditionalist; Adam's traveling and fighting dreams caused a feud between father and son which lead the young prince to outcast himself from Eternos.

Look at the action figure... even the king was a muscleman! Weren't there any regular people on Eternia's original version? (Ok, ok, I know the cartoon version was different.)

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