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Evil lord of destruction

Who is this man? He came out of nowhere, settled himself in Snake Mountain, joined an army of alien warriors and brutal orcs, and launched himself in the conquest of Eternia. Who is this creature whose coming Eldor foresaw? Who is him who has the face of death and wishes to rule over the living? Where did he came from. How powerful can such creature be? Skeletor will remain a mystery during most part of "Grayskull".

Now THIS Skeletor is mean. This Skeletor's bloodthirsty. This Skeletor is really, really powerful! And this Skeletor also has flaws and weaknesses, of course. And I'll say no more for now.

Skeletor is MotU's greatest creation, I believe. He is really the one with the special charisma, that special touch, which, I guess, made me go back in time and find MotU once more. And thus, lead me to writing "Grayskull". As foretold by Eldor, of course.

The picture of the action figure is a courtesy of