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Guardian Of Castle Grayskull

This woman bears the heaviest burden on Eternia: To protect, maintain and pass on the legacy of the ancient ones, built atop the epicenter of power created by the gods, Castle Grayskull. She has great power and wisdom, and is the main advisor of Grayskull's champion, and yet she is never allowed to leave the fortress herself, and only through Zoar the cosmic falcon has she contact with the outside world. The sorceress is a middle-aged, beautiful exotic woman with a deep and charismatic voice. She always keeps herself calm - even in extreme situations - for she believes only though pondering can one achieve the best solution. To conquer Grayskull, one must defeat its sorceress first.

I just had to have the sorceress in a solemn, divine shape. If you see the additional art, you can see I have been wandering around the original version but achieving no success. I got really satisfied with this final version I've made of the guardian of the fortress of mystery and power.

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