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Warrior lady of Grayskull

Imagine two opposites perfectly blended. Take a delicate, beautiful, romantic young woman, then place a sword in her hand and behold one of the finest, bravest warriors Eternia ever saw. That is Teela. Adopted by Duncan when she was still a little baby, she never knew who her true parents really were, and her adoptive mother died when she was very young. Therefore, Duncan became her father and mother, and Adam, her playmate from childhood, almost a brother. Later, she started to nurture other feelings for the young prince, although she never allows herself to express them. Teela is three years older than Adam.
She followed her friend in his quest along with her father, leaving the much more comfortable life on Eternos behind. She did it out of trust in the young man's beliefs, friendship, and love.

In the original series, Teela was toughest and not quite an admirer of Adam (Although she was a He-Man 'fan'). She also was the captain of the royal guard. In "Grayskull", I've decided to make her a little more soft-hearted (though still immensely brave), make her keen on Adam (or she could not be keen on He-Man, since here everyone knows they're the same person, and after all, Adam's not a lazy coward anymore...) and removed her 'captain' title. I need her out there in the woods adventuring, not defending the palace.

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