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Evil warrior with hook hand

Cold-hearted warrior Lakath lost his right hand while battling orcs. His heart froze even more since, and his mind fell into chaos. All he can think is to slash and kill. His helmet and his name are not occasional either; he won the very same battle with orcs where his hand was severed by biting his opponents to death. By destiny's irony, he was recruited later on by Skeletor, who also commands the same orc tribe who maimed him in the first place...

I've changed Trap-Jaw quite a bit. These adaptations were needed mostly because of the technology's removal, and he won a more "conventional" hook hand. I've also changed his skin color and his jaw detail, turning him into a "regular" human. I simply just don't want that each character must have a supernatural origin of some sort.

The picture of the action figure is a courtesy of The Cafe Wha?