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Skeletor's elite troop commander

Tri-Klops is Skeletor's troops main commander. He is a proficient warrior and a ruthless man, from some small village in the eastern hemisphere of Eternia. He is also quite ambitious, but manages to dissimulate well his greedy nature.
Equipped with a magic helm, he is provided of a third eye, featuring many special abilities. He can see through walls, blast bolts, or hypnotize his enemies. He believes, though, that the eye has a life and a will of his own, and fears for the helm's control over himself. His helm was stolen from a temple of worship to the ancient gods, and it is said that it was created by the gods themselves, for reasons unknown.

Few changes on this character, except for the helm, in which, instead of the rotating eyes, he has a single, magical one, along with his two "normal" eyes. I guess it was a change for realism's sake, for although I really enjoyed the action figure when I was a child, I think that if we would have a real person using that three-eyed helm it would look, at least, funny. Obviously, forget the bible version, in which Tri-klops came from Earth.

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