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The Color Of Battlecat

One of the things I've spent some time thinking about was if Krygar (the... adaptation of "Cringer" to name Battlecat in the book) should keep his original colors. Would the green tiger with golden stripes work out in the new story, or would a "standard", earthling tiger make a better impact?

I've ended up choosing the second option. I guess I thought that, by choosing what we, narrow-minded earthlings consider a "real" tiger, Battlecat would become more "realistic". I still don't know if I made the right choice. I've later stumbled in the thought that, a green, unnatural tiger for us earthlings could well be the most natural thing in Eternia, and that they might find a golden tiger an unreal animal. I might have added some realism to the image on readers' minds, but none at the book itself.

But it was after drawing Krygar that the doubt came. I did not know which pencils should I grab to paint it. I was looking at some pictures of the original Battlecat at the time, and the thought that he should remain green invaded me. Maybe it was sheer nostalgia. Maybe he does look better that way. I just don't know. I guess I thought that, among a great amount of changes I was making on MotU, this was the first time I was killing an icon. After all, it was always He-Man and his tiger friend, the GREEN Battlecat. It was almost like making Adam a brunet.

That's where you readers must enter, judge, and change the story if you believe it's better. I have already said that I would try not to change previously published chapters, but exceptions may occur. This might be one. If you think that I have been a fool in changing Battlecat's color, let me know! It's good to hear people telling you that you are a fool (LOL)! No, really, I need to know what does the audience believe I should do. The changes aren't drastic. Just some switching of "Golden" with "Green" and "Black" with "Golden". No big deal. On the other hand, if you think my first idea was the right one, let me know as well.

E-mail. Write your opinion. Make a difference. Krygar is still not painted yet. Please, help me paint Battlecat.