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A new TV series?

Live-action?, one would say. Most people, as I have recently noticed, identify He-Man more from the cartoon than anything else in an entire series of products the line included. Remember: all started up with some toys which were initially supposed to be based on Conan's (live-action) movie. They were (gladly, and I am a Conan fan - it simply brought us a new character, better yet, an entire new set of great characters!) later changed into "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe", and later still an agreement was set between Mattel and Filmation and a cartoon show was made. Here, in Portugal, though late, the toys appeared first (and thus, the included mini-comics) and the TV show later. I guess it happened somewhat alike throughout the world, since the toys were produced first. Then, all the rest of the merchandise came, including some comics, first adaptations of the TV Show, and later, translations of the Star Comics from Marvel (starting by the good Hordak arriving at Eternia, then just going further and further down in quality), some other (Italian?) comics and a couple of Brazilian ones. I have some of these, so if you wish, I can scan them and have part of the art on-line. But the true point in this is, should He-Man become live-action?

My answer is, yes. Some people say we cannot bring the fantasy story from the animated series into live-action without losing its magic. And I must say I disagree. He-Man has been my childhood hero, he was an "inhuman" character, a man lacking flaws, the ultimate hero. But now I'm older, and see things from other perspective. A hero isn't someone "perfect"; a hero is but a man who has a moment of great courage and achieves some feat through it. A great hero, such as He-Man should be, is but a normal man who lives by an ethic code and tries his best to uphold his morale and courage and help others in need, by doing what's within his grasp, succeeding sometimes, failing others. My He-Man also fails, my He-Man also has doubts, my He-Man is sometimes wrong. The best way to empathize such a "real hero" is through live-action. If we are presented a "real" person, in a "real" scenario, then we are able to identify our "real" hero.

I've been thinking on this subject for a while. Today, with the modern technology used in movies, it would be possible to create Eternia without seeming "strange" and "false", with a relatively low budget. It is possible to make fantasy look real, and break the barrier separating fantastic from real and merge them as one.

Think about "Hercules - The Legendary Journeys" or "Xena - The Warrior Princess"; I think those are great series, and that something like that could be done with He-Man. One of the objectives of this novel is to serve as inspiration for something like that. I know it's not easy, but it's also not impossible. I know nothing of movie making. All I know is that it is possible to do a good series and to attract people to it, if we update the concept and remove the "childish" parts, making the series suitable for all ages, like "Hercules" and "Xena". We are in the XXI century. The He-Man fans from the '80s, like myself, have grown adult and wish something more intense

To me, MotU is not a cartoon series; it is nor a toyline; it is not merchandising. What it really means to me, is a  concept. A concept of a world and its inhabitants, a fantastic world where good and evil struggle never endingly, a world where heroes do exist. Just like in our world. There have been heroes whose stories are still told. These were men like we who have achieved great feats, but yet were still just mortal men as we are. "True heroes". To me, MotU is a myth, a recent one, but a myth. It includes all the same basics as any ancient mythology. 

I've visited some sites from people who somehow are trying to make new cartoon series or movies. I believe it's a great idea, but I think the best chance to accomplish it is by joining our attempts towards a common goal. If a lot of people show interest, Mattel will probably seize the change to have some profit. They have re-released the action figures for a collectors edition recently. If the market is enough appealing, they will certainly do more. So, my story is therefore available if anyone will want to make something out of it.

Knowing that there are lots of different versions of MotU stories on the Net, I may be asked why should my story be chosen. In fact, there is no reason. I obviously like my story best, since it is being developed from my personal point of view, but other people might think differently, of course. I will help other people's story in what I can if another one is chosen. I think that what's really important is to unite efforts and make it happen - with whichever version of the story most of the people like best.


If you have any ideas concerning this matter and would like to share them, feel free to E-Mail me.


...More ideas soon.