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My apologies...

Ok, I just felt I had to add some lines concerning the new MotU line hitting the market these days.

I've been acid on my first comments towards the new Masters' design. I, that have been one of the few old-school fans that has always defended that MotU needed a deep change, became one of the many, and perhaps one of the hardest critics of the line. I wasn't prepared to see it change towards what it became.
I'm no anime or DragonBall Z fan. The new, more anime-style He-Man shocked me a little. I saw the western toy line I loved the most move towards an eastern look, and thought it would lose it's identity. I related the new visual of the characters, obviously adapted to the modern style, and I was recalled of the cartoons of these days and the way that, to me, they simply don't come even close to my 80's favorites. One of the things I've always loved more about He-Man was the morals it taught, the simple lessons of daily life it gave us, the role model the main character was and the overall 'innocent' approach of the series. Cartoons nowadays miss all those factors. And seeing He-Man look like the cartoons of nowadays made me directly relate things. Also, being no anime fan, I was obviously disappointed with the new design, which I have long defended should move towards the 'more realistic'.
I have been hasty on my judgment.
I won't say this new image is the choice I would personally make. It isn't. However, I feel I must amend my own harsh words. During this last year, the new He-Man image has grown in me. I came to enjoy the new look. Surely, I can imagine it completely different and pleasing me so much more, but it does not have to mean I won't like the new design. And I think I have to send my most sincere apologies to Cornboy and the rest of the Four Horsemen crew, for I know the initial low acceptance by the fans was painful to them, and it's unfair. Remaking He-Man was a very difficult task, and I must admit, independently of personal tastes, they achieved it greatly. The level of detail in the figures is awesome, the way each character stays true to and yet different from the original is incredible. And, most of all, this last year has shown me the new figures still portray the magic of the Masters of the Universe.
Great to hear as well were the news that some of the 'members' of the He-Man internet community are currently working on the new series. It was my dream ever since the start that all of us, together, would make He-Man return. Like I once posted in the discussion boards, we held up the flag and didn't let go. Congratulations, Val, Emiliano, Alessio, Busta and Zadoc! You guys deserved that! We, the fans deserved that! And the whole world deserves to have He-Man and the Masters of the Universe once more!
I've only managed to see short bits of the new cartoon, but it looked awesome. I'm truly it came back, sci-fi or no sci-fi - the important thing is, our heroes are back in action, and brought forth by skilled minds and hands. I am glad.
To the Four Horsemen, Mike Young Productions and Mattel crews: Congratulations, folks! If you managed to make a stubborn old he-fan like me love your vision of MotU, you'll probably get at least a half-world of fans. And you deserve them!!! ;-)