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What do you think of MotU Rebirth?

Ok... here's a short of what I concluded from your replies...

Most people found this site on search engines, which is great - It is getting easier to find on its own. There were also some who followed hyperlinks - And I guess I must thank for that above all! Most people browse at home, and the 800×600 resolution was not a risky choice after all - that was the minimum one I had in the replies (cool). Most people found the site's design average, with some opinions above but none below that. Overall, I think the site's quite Ok for a fan site, but it may of course yet be improved (and try I shall!). Most people found the site's contents very nice, which pleases me a lot, so I just have to work hard to keep giving you at least this level of quality, and yes, I know, I know... more frequently as well - sorry :(
Most people found the story quite "nice", even though some admitted they hadn't read it, and some claimed to like it over the original (really?!?). Gladly, no one found it "terrible" - Uff! My art was rated from ok to great (mostly great - thanks!).
There were people who are fanatic by MotU answering, as well as the occasional curios and the nostalgic as well - which is great; Most people answering prefer either the cartoon of fan-fiction, but there's a good number of toy collectors as well. As for the favorite canon, the cartoon was undoubtedly the winner (gotta add more spice from it to the book), with the mini-comics (my major influence) in the second position.
In the preference for an official comeback, most people were of the opinion that the first series should be remade. Since after this form was posted Mattel did bring He-Man back (as you should know already - did you know? ;) - and it was actually a remake of the original, I guess most of us (me included) are happy!
The second toy wave is apparently the all-time favorite, and most fans like She-Ra but not as much as He-Man (of course, this is a He-Man, not a She-Ra site - even though we all know there's more He-Fans than She-Ravers out there, right?). Almost everyone agrees that He-Man: The New Adventures was the shame in our hero's career.
Other fave toons point to ThunderCats (Oh!) and BatMan - The new adventures, which were tied. As for literature, traditional swords and sorcery was the choice, even tough Star Wars and other Sci-Fi/ Fantasy crossovers are well accepted as well.
Most found the Live-Action series a good choice, even though most would not choose this story to fit in (sniff!). There were also a bunch of skeptics claiming it would not work. (Grrrr!). The MotU RPG idea was quite well accepted, which means I gotta work it out - our at least write a Fudge "supplement" for it! ;)

Ok, that´s all for now. Thank you folks!