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Here are some sites I believe to be among the best on the Internet concerning MotU:
The Ultimate Masters of the Universe Site! It contains almost everything you need to know about He-Man, as well as links to a great number of other sites. If you want ONE place on the Internet about He-Man, it is here.
Mattel's official MotU website - created specially for the new wave of MotU action figures!

Lou Scheimer Productions
Lou was the executive producer for several of Filmation's cartoon shows, including He-Man and She-Ra, and now runs his own animation company. Aside from the "Robin and the Dreamweavers" project in development, and after the "He-Ro son of He-Man" project, Lou is now trying his best to bring back our hero in a brand new series. Must see!
http://www.louscheimerproductions .com

The He-Man and She-Ra Episode Review Website
This is a great site including descriptions of several of the cartoon episodes, as well as the series bible. It has provided me great help for the book writing!

Masters of the Universe Unbound
Excellent Italian site! It contains the great on-line comic, by the site's owner, "Homecoming", "Eternia Weird World", a strange twist to MotU with a Batman - New Adventures look, and a great Masters encyclopedia is being made. Really, really cool!
A very nice website containing general information on the world of He-Man, with contents raging from the latest news, character descriptions to fan-art and a lot more...

Granamyr's Lair
A Collection of art and fan-fiction from L.E. Bryce. She is a dragon fan (dragons are the basis of her site) and a great story writer. Check out her He-Man stories, which have been an inspiration to MotU Rebirth!

 Stratos' Masters of the Universe Page
Cool site with character descriptions and a lot of great art from the author.

Mosquitor's He-Man Realm
This site is really well designed, and includes a lot of information about MotU, including a great deal of commonly unknown facts.

Hordak Alpha's Slime Pit
A Nice fan-site including some pictures of the toys and a discussion board. The author also wishes to include fan-fiction, so if you own any you wish to share, go there and contact him!