Last updated in 02/02/2003

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"But now I'm safe in the eye of the tornado, I can't escape the lies that let a thousand days go
No more living trapped inside, in her way I'd surely die, in the eye of the tornado, blow me away!" - Megadeth

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Welcome to Masters of the Universe Rebirth; A site created with the intention of reviving the classic 80's toy line and cartoon series in the shape of a new, more mature, epic story.
Here you'll find
"Grayskull", a novel which will tell the story of the hero of Eternia since his very origins to his final days; The story of Eternia itself and its inhabitants will be reshaped in the book.
More important, this story is somewhat interactive; since it is still being written, you may read the chapters as they are sent on-line and send your opinion, your ideas, and they might change the course of the story.

For those to whom the Masters of the Universe are something new, I hope you enjoy this tale of epic fantasy;
But specially for those who were already He-Man fans, I believe the changes I'm doing the original story are for the best, and I really hope that it will please you.

And of course, for the new ones attracted by the new series, my honest congratulations and warm welcome - for even an 80's fan like myself can receive his share of humbleness and (finally) admit  the new series has grown in him and is taking great shape. Enjoy the Masters of the Universe stories - be it the original classic, the new revival or my own vision of the world; or preferably, ALL!

Let the Power return!!!


The contents of "Masters of the Universe - Rebirth" are not entirely identical with Mattel's original view of the series and characters. However, it has no intent of Copyright violation or financial profit. The presented story and character drawings are an intellectual property of the author.


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