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Additional Art


Here is one of the first sketches made when I started to write "Grayskull" in March 2000. He-Man, the main character, and his battle-cat Krygar. He-man is still quite muscular in this version. I've softened up his musculature later for realism's sake.


He-Man battling Beast-Man (and apparently winning!). This sketch was made shortly after the previous one.


Once again, Adam and Krygar. This drawing could have been quite nice, if I hadn't ruined it by making He-Man's right arm too long...


The first He-Man sketch on-line. It was when I came to this point of realism that I finally became happy with the results. I believe He-Man here looks much more a person than an action figure... and that was what I was trying to achieve.


The new He-Man... straight from the new MotU toyline. I'll probably add some elements from the new toyline to "Grayskull", but I certainly won't change the power sword to this. (I like this sword - I simply prefer the original power sword. This is... kinda wicked to be He-Man's power sword, IMHO.)