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Duncan (Man-at-arms)

Master of Weapons

Duncan Widson was He-Man's mentor and best friend since Adam's childhood. He is a skilled warrior and a survival expert. He has lived many experiences and adventures in his youth, which made him a wise and prudent man. After adopting Teela as his own daughter, and specially after the death of his wife Aureen, he started a more sedentary life at the palace of Eternos, where he became the trainer of the Royal Guard. He soon became a very wealthy man, feeling himself aging, and longing for the adventures of his youth... until the day he left with Adam and Teela in the young prince's quest. Duncan knows much more about Adam's destiny and Grayskull than he gives away. Probably he learned something about the subject during his past adventures, but he reveals naught.

Duncan fills in "Grayskull" mostly the same role he did on the original series, except  for the fact that he is not an inventor of machines (for obvious reasons). I'm also trying to make more evident that he is quite older than his companions.

The picture of the action figure is a courtesy of The Cafe Wha?