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Woodsman warrior

Ukden "Fisto" Gallum is a woodsman and a warrior who claimed a forest as his own. He hates orcs and acts as a defender of his lands, to the point of attacking Duncan and Teela simply for trespassing. Fisto is quite impulsive, single-minded and violent, the result of a rough life in rough conditions, however he has a great heart and is but a noble uncivilized man. In his right hand he wears a magical glove he found somewhere in a deep cave, which is flexible as cloth yet hard as steel. It increases his punches' power by more than five times. Fisto is ambidextrous and possesses remarkable tracking and stealth abilities.

Few changes to this character; no need to change what's already good. His first appearance, however, has been completely changed from the original cartoon show episode "Fisto's Forest".

The picture of the action figure is a courtesy of The Cafe Wha?