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Wise druid, guardian of the Book of Living Spells

Eldor was an important man in days long past, and in great part responsible for all the development of the facts after Skeletor's arrival. He was the one who defeated king Hiss and caused his empire to fall. He was the fore viewer of Skeletor's arrival. He was the creator of the power swords. He started the legacy of the sorcerers of Grayskull. Few more is known about him. Always a discrete man, Eldor kept most of his deeds unknown to most eternians. He died at 68 with a natural disease.

This character was made by Mattel in 1987 for the never-released "Powers of Grayskull" toyline. I only knew his description (Guardian of the book of living spells), but found the character interesting, as opposed to He-Ro (silly, silly name!) and adapted him as a reference character and a basis to the story, and the possibility of writing his adventures in detail one day also attracts me.

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