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King Hiss

Leader of the snake-men from Veymous

Supreme ruler of Eternia for hundreds of years, leading a huge army of snake-men from another planet, Hiss wished to be worshipped as a god. He was a charismatic, powerful, mystic man, who curiously was native to Eternia. During his empire, he ruled with an iron fist, turning his own people into slaves in detriment to giving power and control of the lands to the alien snake-men from Veymous. Legends speak of his powers beyond recognition. Legends say he bathed himself in snake's venom and blood every night in order to keep his immortality. Legends say he had the power to shapeshift, to turn into a snake himself. Skeptics claim he was simply replaced over and over by his own descendants, and that his only power was charisma, manipulation, and an overwhelming lust for control and supremacy. Whichever the truth, he was defeated by Eldor and the Book of Living Spells, and supposedly slain. But can such a man really be slain?

King Hiss had an Egyptian look, which made him quite special. I made even more evident, and I guess it worked nice. Immortal, supreme ruler... just like a pharaoh. As for turning into snakes... well, we never know!

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