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He-Man's Battle Cat

A baby tiger when rescued by Adam from the claws of a Draco in Evergreen, Krygar lost his mother in the reptilian's attack. He was taken to the royal palace of Eternos and raised there, away from his natural environment. Yet, the wild beast's true savage nature was never stolen from him, and he immediately adapted to his true home in the wilderness when Adam's quest began. He is simultaneously He-Man's loyal companion and a solitary predator, and a precious help when the going gets though.

I've pondered a lot if I should leave Krygar green and gold or turn him into a "conventional" earthling tiger. The story went on with the later choice, and it was the moment I thought about drawing him I've started doubting my decision. Nostalgia hit me. BattleCat was green. It was what made him different and unique. I've asked readers their opinions, and with their answers in mind, I've finally decided to bring Krygar back to his original colors. "Krygar", by the way, is an adaptation from Cringer, staying true to the original yet dismissing the "coward tiger" connotation.