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Captain of the Royal Guard

An odd and sullen, ambitious and stubborn man, Zodac is also extremely honest and trustable, and a very competent fighter. He had a somewhat close friendship with prince Adam with whom he trained swordfight, drank ales and dreamed of glory to come. Although he would never reveal too much about himself. Keeping his identity a secret hidden by his steel helmet, he became the captain of the royal guard by pure valor. He just managed to enter the guard by the lowest rank and climbed his way to the top by merit, avoiding the revelation of his true self at all cost. Some say only some of the king's councilors know his true name and face.

In the original version, Zodac was a cosmic entity which balanced order and chaos. It's quite a great idea, but it didn't fit the character's visual, which I like and wished to keep. Thus, he became my scapegoat to have Teela out of the palace. The keeper of order and chaos will however still exist in "Grayskull", in the shape of a character yet to introduce.

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