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Ocean warlord

A mighty warrior. A fierce leader. Nar-gath hates all life of the surface, including Skeletor, whom he serves. He wishes, however, to wipe out all mammal life from Eternia, and Skeletor is but a way to accomplish his goals. Soon, he yearns, only the mighty mermen, under his command, shall live and rule. Powerful and ruthless, Nar-gath isn't, however, very clever, and Skeletor pulls his strings with ease and moves him and his army with relative ease, just like puppets. Skeletor knows Nar-gath's plans. He simply does not fear them.

My version is somehow between the action figure and the cartoon character. I've also made relevant that the mermen are a race, and that Skeletor's direct servant is but one important merman. I really like his sword!

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